Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to use JJ Collett Natural Area?  No, there is not a charge to use the area.  However, a suggested donation of $100 would be greatly appreciated from groups such as orienteering and special events.  Donations go towards the costs of maintaining the area.  

What time is the area open?  The area is open from dawn to dusk daily.

Can you ride bicycles at JJ Collett?  No bicycles allowed.

Can you ride horses at JJ Collett?  No horses allowed.

Do I have to have my dog on a leash at JJ Collett?  Yes.  We must leash our dogs.  According to the Lacombe Bylaw Officer, all handlers must be in control of their dogs at all times for the safety of wildlife, humans and other canines.  Remember, animals can be unpredictable.  Please be responsible.

When are memberships due?  Annual Memberships are due on May 1st of each year.  Memberships can also be renewed at the trade show or the annual general meeting.

Where do I send my membership form?  You can send your membership form to JJ Collett Natural Area,  RR 4, Site 5, Box 40, Lacombe, Alberta  T4L 2N2

If I encounter a problem at JJ Collett, who do I contact?  You may contact our “Contact Page” and your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate member.

Just wondering if campfires are allowed in the area?  Sorry, campfires are not allowed at JJ Collett Natural Area.  Enjoy the area hiking, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, or photography.

 Are we allowed to pick plants or mushrooms at JJ?  The answer is “NO”. 

Where do we dispose of poop bags?  Poop bags are to be taken home.  We do not have  volunteers to remove your poop bags from the area.  What you bring in, take out. Please don’t leave bags in washrooms or in the bushes.

Where can we make a donation?  Donations can be made via our website, links, and click on ATB Cares.  They will make a 15% donation for every $$ donated.