What’s Happening?


😎 Yearly, the Foundation takes on a major enhancement project.  In 2013 with $32,000 acquired through donations from corporations, local business, grants, and major sweat equity of its board members, a 212 foot boardwalk was completed across a sensitive wetland on one of the trails, providing both public and maintenance access to the area while protecting the wetland environment.


Proposed Projects for 2017/18

Full Handicapped Accessible Washroom Facilities   😉 Not possible at this time.  

Washrooms.  Washrooms to be upgraded in the near future.  Washrooms were worked on over the winter and spring.  They were usable this summer, 2017.

 Wheel Chair accessible trail.  Not able to accommodate at this time.  

Memorial Bench Program.  Ongoing. Please see our detailed description under Friends of JJ.  

Continuance of keeping the trails mowed and maintained.  Ongoing.
 Moving power pole in parking lot.  Moved Spring 2018. 
 Repairs to the bridge on Trail 1.  In discussion.
 Build a Kiosk at the main entrance.  Completed Spring 2018. 

 Install Beaver Levers/Fundraiser for MRWC.  Working with Medicine River.