Dr. Charles D. Bird

IMG_5664Dr. Charles D. Bird well known and honored in a number of fields in
professional natural history world

Dr. Charles Bird often leads the “Spring & Fall Walks”.  J.J. Collett is very fortunate to have Dr. Bird share his knowledge, insight and passion for nature and all it has to offer.  Enjoy the articles he has shared with us.

Dr. Charles D. Bird…..Photographer:  Kelly B….May 5, 2014 Dr. Charlie D. Bird…..Submitted & Photographed by:  Kelly B……June 1, 2014

  • Two Stripped Grass Hopper.....Photographed by:  Kelly B.....Sept. 27, 2015


On Saturday, September 26, 2015 in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Dr. Bird received an “Individual Achievement Award” 
from Alberta Parks and Protected Areas for his volunteer endeveours in various Parks and Protected Areas in Alberta. 
Charles Bird has been recognized for significant achievement for a park, protected area, staff, 
customers, project or program from volunteer efforts.