Education Programs

The J. J. Collett Foundation runs a comprehensive educational program for Grade 6 students addressing the issues of environmental preservation.  16 classes of grade 6 students from the Wolf Creek School Division were involved in the program, with a total of 500 students taking part.

This program runs from April to June each spring and is designed to fit into the Grade 6 science unit on forests and trees. The class first receives an introductory slide presentation on the J. J. Collett Natural Area and its history. This is followed by a guided field trip through the natural area. This field trip concentrates on identification of 5 major tree species as well as presenting the flora and fauna unique to the area. We also try to spark students’ interest in plants and the natural world.

Guided tours are also available for all age groups who are interested in visiting this beautiful area. Contact  JJ Collett for further information

Special thanks to Ember Resources for their continues support of this program.

It is our goal at JJ Collett to provide students the knowledge to preserve the environment. 

The program would not be possible without the continued support from our communities.  

If you see Ember Resources, please give them a huge thank you for their part in making this program possible. 

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Pictured  is Devaney Fraser who is in charge of Community Relations and Jason Sharkey who is a Land  Agent for Ember. They were very impressed with the Education Program including the beaver dam.  Donation was made at JJ Collett when Mecca Glen School was their for the Education Day.