Photography Contest – 2015

JJ Collett Natural Area is holding their first “Photography Contest”.  Contest is now closed. Photos taken at JJ Collett Natural Area will be judged by our photography contest panel.  Use your imagination and photograph anything interesting, beautiful, odd, animals, landscape etc.  It’s up to you.  We will be featuring your photo on our  home page of the JJ Collett website with credits to you.  Please use landscape format.  There will be no monetary value paid out.  Have fun.  Please send photos to contact@jjcollett.com with your name, date photo taken, contact info, and brief description.  Some, but not all, photos will appear in our galleries with your permission.  Please inform us if you wish to have your photo in our gallery.  Not all photo’s will be displayed or featured.  

The Summer 2015 Photography Contest Winner from Lethbridge, Alberta


Photo taken during our spring walk 2015.