Sightings at JJ Collett


Spring 2018 

Please find a pic of a fox I spotted at JJ.   The woodpecker photo is a still from a video I shot, and this bird is also known as the Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker. As an added bonus, First croci of this spring, from April 24, on the morning they first appeared. The one crocus looks like Queen Elizabeth’s royal banner, it is so richly purple.

Thank you for all the work you and the other volunteers do for the Woods. I first started visiting about 30 years ago, and after moving to Morningside I have been walking there several times a week for 15 years. I have yet to grow tired or bored with JJ Collett, and am always contented and happy when I am there.
Ted Cameron



June 26, 2016 

I chatted with Bruce & Gail at the Collett this morning. They mentioned spotting this cow and calf moose there last Sunday. Apparently there was another calf that was trying to reach these two but it couldn’t get through/over a barb wire fence.
Best wishes, Charley


March, 2010

Hello Kelly,

 On Saturday morning, I chatted with Jim Watson as he was starting to hike on Trail 1. He mentioned that on a hike on a day in March 2010 while he was on Trail 7, he saw a cougar at a deer kill.

I have have heard of no other sighting in the Collett. Single cougars tend to roam and they have been spotted all over the place. They are certainly not resident in the Collett. I was surprised to hear of this sighting. Cougars are very secretive and are seldom seen and they very rarely are aggressive towards humans. Information submitted by Charles D. Bird.




September, 2015 

By:  Roger S.

Yes it is a Plains Garter Snake, Thamnophis radix  .  I took this picture last September at main gate at JJ Collett, it was approximately 1metre long and 1.5 centimetres thick near the head.
It is regarded as nearly harmless and is non-venomous. The Plains Garter snake is native to the central USA but is found as far north as Canada and as far south as Texas. (Wikipedia).
There have ben several recent sitings of garter snakes at JJ Collett.  You must watch and listen carefully if you are going to see one.  Luck also helps.

Plains Garter Snake, Thamnophis radix. Photographer: Roger S......Submitted by: Roger S.....Sept. 2015


September 27, 2015

During our Fall Walk the longer hike spotted a cow moose and her twin calfs on trail 6 just past the gazebo.  It was quite a thrill.

During our long walk, trail 6, Cow Moose and two calfs spotted by one of our younger participants......Photographed by: Kelly B.....Sept. 27, 2015

Caution was taken as she has been protective of her young.


From Marie-Claude Halle…….April 20, 2015 

I came across a beautiful moose this morning April 20 on my walk, at coordinate H14 on the grid, in the clearing upwards the small pond.

 Marie-Claude Halle

Image 1



From Pat C……… April 18, 2014 

Today my friend Laurie and I went for a walk at J.J. and we were so delighted and excited to see 2 crocuses emerging from Mother Earth (despite the snow overnight).  We were on the ridge of #5 between 3 and 4.  Then, as we approached #4, we saw a heron fly out of the marshy area!
I drive my school bus past here every day and have come to appreciate the changing of the seasons in the area.
Thank you to everyone who devotes your energies in keeping this area open for us all to enjoy and appreciate!


From Roger S…..Oct. 22, 2014

Almost the right size to role over the dam.

Image 1


From Brandi R…….Oct. 20, 2014

Yesterday, Oct 19th, I went for a hike on the trails and came upon a mom and baby moose grazing in a swampy area along path 4. I kept my distance but still enjoyed the feeling of awe seeing them so content in their habitat!