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“Central Alberta Cadet Camporee Service Project” 2014

On the mornings and afternoons of July 24, 25, 28 & 29, 2014, hikers and/or walkers at JJ Collett may encounter numerous crews consisting of boys ages 11 – 13 and their supervisors.  They will be trimming tree branches, doing general clean-up of trails, picking certain weeds as well as some other assigned tasks  yet to be finalized.  These crews are volunteers from the Central Alberta Cadet Camporee Service Project at JJ Collett.  In total, approximately 650 boys and their supervisors from all across Canada and the USA will be participating in the project.

The Board of JJ Collett wish to thanks the organizers of The Central Alberta Cadet Camporee Service Project for their interest in our area.


JJ Collett Natural Area Foundation would like to express our sincere thanks to all the Cadet Camporee Volunteers who worked so hard cleaning trails, removing weeds, hauling garbage, staining and any other job that was required of them.  We had a wonderful group of young men  and I must say, they are all competitive within their groups.  Photographing the day, we had many questions from the group about the area.  Some of these young men have never seen a beaver damn.  Some of the group earlier in the day experienced the sighting of a bull moose.  The one motto of this group is ”We are here to serve”.  

Thank you “North American Cadet Camporee Volunteers” 

Cadet Camporee Leaders & JJ Collett Vice President…..Submitted & Photographed by: Kelly B……July 28, 2014 Hard at WorkWelcome Cadets of North America…..Submitted & Photographed by: Kelly B…..July 28, 2014

Cadet Camporee Leaders & Vice President of JJ Collett Roger…..Submitted & Photographed by: Kelly B…..July 28, 2014                      Have A Safe Summer……Have Fun Kids!!