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Fall Walk –   Join us September 24, 2023 at 2:00 pm for our annual fall walk.  Meet us at the staging area.  There will be a shorter interpretive walk and a longer, faster paced walk – both will be 45-60 minutes.  Refreshments will be available after the walk.  Everyone is welcome!

Medicine River Wildlife Center will be releasing a rehabilitated Merlin, which is a smaller species related to a falcon.  It feeds mostly on small birds, capturing them in mid-air in rapid pursuit!   Be there promptly at 2:00 for the release. 

JJ Collett Provincial Natural Area, located in rural central Alberta near the hamlet of Morningside, consists of 635 acres of Aspen Parkland.  Over 18 km of maintained trails wind through a mosaic of shrub lands, aspen groves, stands of white spruce on moist shady hillsides, wetlands and grassy meadows typical of the area.   Sand dunes are a unique feature of this area.  Glaciers from thousands of years ago deposited glacial till which formed steep sided hills called knobs interspersed with low rounded wetlands called kettles.  Much of this area is rolling hills formed from glacial till.  Slowly, pioneering plants became established stabilizing the dune and preventing erosion.  History

The JJ Collett Natural Area Foundation was established in 1985, as a provincial volunteer steward group to help preserve, maintain and provide environmental education for this ecologically diverse habitat. Local organizations, schools, post secondary institutions, First Nations, and fitness groups are among those who use the area on a regular basis for studies, orienteering and field trips.  

 Please come and pay us a visit.  It is truly one of Alberta’s natural area “Gems”.